We are Naviation. Our name is a combination of the words naval and aviation. And that’s our main focus. We give you insight in the rare world of naval aviation. This special branch of aviation does things differently. Landing a fighter jet on a aircraft carrier and picking the third cable is called precisionPutting down your helicopter on the moving deck of a naval frigate during 7 Beaufort asks for timing. Naval aviators are well-trained men and women which have the guts to fly in a tough and dangerous environment. They are the top of the bill. We find it our task to show you more about these people and aircraft fulfillling their missions all around the globe far away from the public. 

For us only the best is good enough, so stay tuned and Fly Navy!


Our subjects

Carrier Aviation

Airpower from sea

Search and Rescue

That others may live

Maritime Patrol

Eyes in the sky

Coast Guard Aviation

To protect and provide

Schipboard operations

Action over the horizon

Marines Aviation

Support them who fight


Our Team

Sander Meijering

Founder, Photographer, Reporter

Sander Meijering, the owner and founder of Naviation, actively leads the team since its establishment. Sander’s fascination with the military and aviation blossomed during his early childhood. He attended his first army day at the age of 6. In 2003, Sander experienced his first airshow, igniting a passion for photographing aircraft. Determined to capture the best shots, he invested in a professional camera in 2008 and embarked on frequent travels. In 2012, Sander channeled his enthusiasm for the navy and aviation into creating the Naviation website. Currently, he actively engages in capturing military naval aircraft in action, utilizing high-quality Canon gear to achieve exceptional results.

In his professional career, Sander is a civil engineer and works at the Dutch leading dredging and marine experts, Boskalis. He is also a reservist in the Royal Netherlands Army Corps of Engineers.

Joan le Poole

Photographer, Reporter

Joan le Poole, the second member of the Naviation team, joined in 2013, actively contributing to the team’s mission of delivering the highest quality articles and imagery. Joan’s journey into aviation began in 2007 when his father took them to his first airshow. This experience sparked a growing passion for military aviation. Joan and Sander, both born and raised in the same village, connected and initiated their joint travels together. Inspired by their shared enthusiasm, Joan embarked on a transformative journey to explore the world, seeking out untold stories and capturing extraordinary moments in (naval) aviation .

In his professional career, Joan is a maritime engineer and works at the Materiel and IT Command of the Dutch Ministry of Defense.


Our Location

Opheusden – The Netherlands