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  • 75 Years of 860 SQN

    75 Years of 860 SQN

    By 75 Years of 860 SQN     The big rotor creates a large downwash on the platform while taxiing to the runway. It is a sunny morning at the Kooy airfield and the men and women of 860 SQN are busy to get two helicopters airborne. The big grey helicopter is the NH90, the newest helicopter…

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  • “Bye Bye Lynx, Welcome Wildcat”

    “Bye Bye Lynx, Welcome Wildcat”

    By “ByeByeLynx, Welcome Wildcat”     After forty years of operation with the Royal Navy the end of the good old Lynx is in sight. After years of frontline operations the Lynx will be replaced by the Wildcat. Naviation got a chance to visit the last operational Royal Navy Lynx squadron and talk with its people. Transition…

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  • Hellenic Naval Aviation

    Hellenic Naval Aviation

    By Hellenic Naval Aviation – Base visit Marathon-Kotroni -October 15, 2014      The Hellenic Navy has a small air arm with a fleet of helicopters in use for different tasks. The whole fleet is based at Marathon-Kotroni, a small airfield close to Athens. Naviation got the possibility to visit Marathon-Kotroni airbase and see the helicopters of…

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